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Welcome stranger, it seems that you have no better things to do in life.
So here's a short story tale for your gray matter.

I was born, long time ago in a terrible country.
I grew up trying to learn and educate as much as possible in order to succeed in capitalism.
I had so many different projects, so many jobs, so many from everything.
In the end I failed, probably just like you and here we are both here doing nothing with our lives. I'm writing a meaningless text and you are reading it.
Things that we should both think about and reconsider our life choices.

Anyways, after all these years, lets say about 25 of trying to succeed, of trying to fit, of trying to accomplish, of trying to satisfy expectations - I failed.
So now, I'm gambling, man.
I wish I could gamble more than I do.
It seems that gambling is the only thing that brings joy to my life these days.
It's exciting it's fun, it's better than many other overrated things.

Now I do realize that in the end.. you know, we all know how it ends for most of us, but it's ... WHAT A RIDE.
Gambling is probably the best invention throughout the whole human history, maybe after the.... nah, it's the best one.

So I hope, I was good enough with my introduction.
Imagine the amount of free and useless time that I still own to be able to write such a long nonsense.
And again, imagine ... you read it.

I wish you all the best strangers.
I doubt we can be friends and i doubt in general that people make friends online, but hey. 

Damn, posting this earned me a virtual badge. Thumbs up. Big achievement! 🙂

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In the end of the day, I've lost to another 5 bullets, $100 each.
Who knows why sometimes people decide that local casinos are an option.
Not for me or at least not today.

However, it's all good. I won't get buried with my material possessions, so a bit of excitement and joy is always better than buying a PS5.
Maybe on the next big hit the PS5 will come.

I hope you all had a better day than mine in terms of gambling, well mine was not bad, just lost a bit. 😄


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