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So i just made this observation when i was playing dice on auto.. Test it out i want to know if this is happening all over. Simple strat was roll under 27 on loss increase 50%.  Everytime that I would bust, it would say not enough balance.  Reguardless I still had a balance just not big enough balance. after it says that I hit ok and then right at the end the game takes the remaining balance u have and bet it 1 last turn so ur at 0.  This is Cheating in my eyes. if they are doing that to all. Thats alot of cash they are taking from us. I tested it 3 times.  I wanna see some feedback.  

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When that box pops up and says, “Are you sure you wish to max-bet?“ --->


If you are cool with possibly loosing your remaining balance, click 'ok'/'confirm' 

If you're not cool with that, do not click 'ok'/'confirm'. Click cancel.

If your odds are set at 27% you have between 3/4 and 2/3 odds of losing your balance, so neither would it surprise me, nor would I feel cheated if it happened several times in a row.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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